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Introducing Kiggit

The #1 social football platform.

Play in challenges, follow curated news + livescore

Main Features



Make your predictions in your favourite leagues. Play in weekly, monthly and season-long competitions and challenge your friends.

Exciting leaderboards

Compete against your friends, colleagues, city, country and continents and win amazing prizes.

Beat your colleagues

Set up a group for your company and challenge your colleagues, other departments or even other company sites.

Live scores and statistics

On Kiggit you are always up to date. Check live scores, line-ups and statistics and much more.

Win prizes

In featured groups and competitions you can win attractive prices from our sponsors.

Push notifications

You forgot to place your tips? No problem! We will send you a reminder in time.

Simple setup

Easy to setup


Create a profile

You can login via Facebook or create a user with your email and password. The data that you entrustto us is secure and handled confidentially.


Join groups or create your own

Create your own private or public group based on your personal preferences. Or simply join public groups from over 30 different international football leagues.


Make predictions and invite your friends

That’s it! Now you have to place your predictions and invite your friends to make your leaderboards even more exciting!


What Our Players Say

It’s a fun game. I enjoy playing and calming down when I get stressed or my anxiety kicks in. So thank u. N it’s fun trying to win some money lol I never win so when I play this game I get money so it makes me feel good lol. I am not a gambler so I don’t play these games in real life. So I get that chance here thanks to u guys. THANK YOU AGAIN!!!


I'm constantly playing this game, it's one of the few apps I've actually kept on my phone from the beginning... It had a few glitches here and there, nothing serious, but they've been fixed for awhile now.

Onlyw Wylno

In our family we enjoy playing games with each other but life has us all over the place. This app allows us to play games with each other even when we are all on the go.

Apollo Ollo Price

"I really love using this app, it's so much fun. I like to challenge my friends!"

Jennie Rivera
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Predict 1X2 and correct score and collect points.


Find the best predictor in your firm! You will have a great atmosphere in your company with football discussions – the best small talk in the world!


You can also compete against other departments, firms, fan clubs.


Boost your business! Create your own competition and give away discount codes, vouchers or other prices to the best predictors.

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